Olia Ntakogianni

Olia Ntakogianni

Maria Olympia Ntakogianni, ( known as Olia ) was born in Athens, in 1995. She completed her studies in the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Athens and from that moment on she is currently occupied with her musical exploration in the world of jazz and her greatest passion: Comic books.

In 2018 her first self-publication came out with the title “Starman”, a fictional story about Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie’s musical persona. “Starman” was available for the first time during the 3rd Comic Zine weekend hosted in Le.fi.k  A bit later that year, she took place on the event “Still Frames/Animated Music Live at six dogs”, an exhibition where image and live music could meet. Soon, she published in Spanish ( during her stay in Andalusia) her second comic book, entitled “Musicoma”: A love story that was born in a metaphysical context, to grow between the jazz improvisations of the New York scene of the 50’s. Nowadays, the self-taught comic artist is working on the greek edition of “Musicoma” while also experimenting with her trumpet the musical dimension of jazz culture.

Facebook page: Mondaki´s Comic Art

Telephone: 6972667967, 2109247257

Email: mondaki95@yahoo.gr